Monday, November 5, 2007

Qlock Kicks Out Daylight Saving Wrongly

Yesterday, Nov 4 2007 was the last day of daylight saving in US. However, the Qlock kicks out last week on 29 Oct 2007. I check the Qlock setting and it shows the daylight saving ends at the last Sunday of October (29 Oct) which is wrong. The daylight saving should end yesterday. It looks the Qlock is not that accurate in daylight saving.

Accidentally, I found out a new feature in Vista allow you to add additional clocks. It adjusts the daylight saving correctly. This is what I do:

  1. Click the Time at lower right
  2. Click "Change Time & Settings"
  3. Click "Additional Clock" tab
Here you go, just set the additional clocks that you want based on the time zone. Once you done, move our your mouse and you see the following tooltip:

Then, click the time and see the following:

Is it cool? The only problem is it only able to show 2 additional clocks. I think it still okay with me since I use the third clock (UK) once in a blue moon. This is only available in Vista but not in XP. Now, I start wondering should I uninstall my Qlock? It looks like now I have no reasons to use Qlock anymore in my Vista laptop.


Peky said...

That's weird. My Qclock seemed to work fine..the Daylight Saving ended on 29 Oct...and my time switched correctly..cos that was the announced date (at least for Australia) :P I remember waking up the next day only to find my PC time slow by an hour! Remember I asked u that? :P I guess my QClock was right but not my Vista. This is getting strange :P

ChampDog said...

Maybe it is correct for Australia not in some part of the US (e.g. San Francisco). Ya, I remember that. Did you set the timezone correctly in your Vista? My vista has no problem. :D

Peky said...

i double's correct. Weirdest part was.. it was only mine and LM's machine that lagged behind by an hour :D hehe... maybe i was watching drama past 12am :P so, Ethan forgot to reset

Shuva said...

Believe me this is the first impressive thing I am reading about Vista in the blogs.

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