Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Free Anti-Spyware Software Review

When I first got my laptop baby (MS Vista), I'm glad that it comes together with anti-spyware within the Vista OS itself. It is called "Microsoft Windows Defender". So I thought I could save my time not to install any anti-sypware anymore. Something not right after almost a year until today, MS Windows Defender do not catch any spyware threat. Unlike my previous anti-spyware from LavaSoft (Ad-Aware) which installed in my XP catches quite number of threats within a month. I start suspecting this free feature from Microsoft. What a another crap from Microsoft? So, I decided to my little research here.

I do a full system scan on the following 3 free products and here is the result:

Anti-Spyware Program

Number of Threats Found

Ad-Adware (LavaSoft)


AVG Anti-Spyware(GriSoft)


Windows Defender (Microsoft)


Threats caught by Ad-Adware consist of "Tracking Cookies" and "MRU Object" but AVG Anti-Spyware only consist of "Tracking Cookies" but Windows Defender has nothing. Although these threats are not critical but I would prefer my system are 100% clean from them.

Based on my little research here, I would like to conclude that the Ad-Adware from LavaSoft is the Best Free Anti-Spyware. Most importantly, don't rely on MS Windows Defender. If your system resource is not a limitation like my case, I would suggest you to install both Ad-Adware and AVG Anti-Spyware in your system.


Anonymous said...

You may want to do a word replace of "Threads" with "Threats". I was initially shocked to see that MS Defender was running with 0 threads? How is that possible---new computer architecture---I thought!

I am pretty surprised or should I say , not-at-all-surprised with your results.

ChampDog said...

Oppss, thanks. I must be missing programing too much. Nice catch. But, you said "threads" too in your comment. I guess you love programing as well. :) Ya, I'm surprised too. It has 0 threat because I turn it on all the while. It doesn't mean it doest catch any threats at all but other tools catch more than him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, champdog. I only use AVG, so looks like I hv to use Lavasoft too! Cheers^^

ChampDog said...

Cool. Let's see if you can get the similar result as I do. :)

Edward Lathrop said...

i'm currently using spyzooka antispyware
and it is working very fine.

ChampDog said...

I still prefer the free version and no point to buy and to be honest there no such thing as 100%. :)

Dirty Bit Software said...

100% free is the best alternative I ever used. For me there is no different as far it has good function..

ChampDog said...

Agree! :)

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