Sunday, September 27, 2009

Remove Empty Blank Space in Firefox

If you have this mystery empty blank space appears on your top of your Firefox browser, it is the Bookmark Toolbar that comes together with Firefox! You see the empty spaces at the top of the Firefox is because I don't have any bookmarks yet. I think by default it has something that it will be shown there rather than the empty space.

I found that the bookmark toolbar in Firefox is pretty useless and it is completely waste of spaces especially if I don't have any bookmark. If you're like me who has never used this bookmark toolbar, you can just go ahead to remove it. Even if you use the bookmark feature from Firefox, I don't like the idea of using the extra spaces at the top of my browser. Isn't that easier for me just go to the Bookmarks Menu directly?

To remove this useless bookmark toolbar:
  1. Right Click the "Refresh" or "Stop" or "Home" button at the top. The funny thing is you can't right click the bookmark toolbar. :)
  2. Un-check or de-select the "Bookmarks Toolbar"
  3. Now this empty blank space is gone! :)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Add Favorite Links in Windows Explorer - MS Vista

You may wonder how to add favorite link in windows explorer in Microsoft Vista. At least I do not get used to it when I'm switching from XP to Vista. The favorite links used to appear at the top menu but now it appears at the top left corner of your windows explorer in Vista.

Drag & Drop Method

  1. You can simply drag any folder that you want to put as favorite link and drop it to the upper left corner as shown below.

Copy &
Paste Method
  1. Right click to "Copy" the folder that you would like to add as favorite link.
  2. Go to "\Desktop\Your User Name\Links"
  3. Right click and click "Paste Shortcut" to paste the folder shortcut to the "Links" folder.

Note: You can NOT copy & paste to the Favorite Links directly.

To remove your favorite link, you can remove the link directly from the favorite link (i.e. upper left corner) or you can also delete the shortcut directly from the "Links" folder.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best Media Player & Codec - VLC Review

After using VideoLAN Client (i.e. VLC) media player for few weeks, I have to admit that VLC is so far the best video player and codec. I would recommend everyone to use this media player. It comes together with the video codec itself.

What so cool about VLC?

  1. VLC can play RMVB format without installing real player.
  2. VLC can play MKV format (i.e. full HD video source).

What not so good about VLC?
  1. Moving the video progress bar is not very smooth and out of sync with the video playback. This is only for playing the real player video format file (i.e. RMVB). Playing other video format (e.g. mkv, mp4, wmv, avi and etc) files is fine.

This guy can play all my video format files unlike Storm Codec, some of the flash video (i.e. FLV) file cannot be played at all. Too bad the K-Lite Codec doesn't support MKV that leaves me no choice to vote VLC is the “Best Video Media Player and Codec”.

By the way, VLC is an open source software and it is completely free. Please give it a try and let me know your comments. I love it is simply I no longer need to install real player and also can play MKV files. :)

Download VLC media player here.

p/s: It looks like there are some other cool features (e.g. TV streaming?) in VLC but I don't have a chance to give it a try.

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