Saturday, December 17, 2011

Using WebPageTest to Test Your Website Performance

I just came across this website - WebPageTest.Org which I think is useful to test your website performance especially you're maintaining your own web server. Since I"m using Google blogspot, there are not much performance tweak I can play with. However, you can still see your overall webpage performance and look at the area where you can optimize for.

It is very simple. The first thing you need to do is to key in your website. After that, select the test location and finally just read the test report.  There is the quick start guide that you can go through but I think The more important part is interpreting the test result.

In summary, the webpage performance are categorized into the following categories:
  • First Byte Time
  • Keep-alive Enabled
  • Compress Text
  • Compress Images
  • Cache static content
  • CDN detectected
If  you get the green color or "A",  and look for the rating such as above "C" and "D" and check if there are anything that you can do to improve those rating.

For detail of how to interpret the result and what you can do to improve the rating, please refer to here..

P/S: Hope this is something useful to you especially you're the webmaster or hosting your own web server.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Battery Maintenance Tips for iPad and iPhone

Since the battery for iPad and iPhone is not replaceable, it is a good habit to make sure that your battery have the maximum lifespan. Here are the few tips that I always follow to make sure my iPad/iPhone has the maximum lifespan.

(1) Disable Location Services

One of the useless features in IOS is the location services. It is only enabled for the rest to track you down. The funny thing is some photo applications also use this service which I do not understand. Probably they just want to track you. The only useful application that needs this service is Google Map but you don't need it unless you want to locate your current position. Let's disable this is you really do not need such service.

(2) Turn Off Push Notifications

This is only useful if you use email or instance message for 24 hours and you want to get notified immediately for any new incoming email or new messages. If you are like me, just to check email once a while, you basically do not need such feature. Let's turn it off if you really do not need it because it consumes power.

(3)  Set Fetch Data Less Frequently

Your email can be set to fetch data at specific internals. As I mentioned above, I prefer to check my email manually. So what you need to do is go to "Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calender->Fetch New Data" and set it to "Manually".Again, you do not need such feature unless you're really an active user of email or you can set it to hourly to save your battery life if really need to.

(4) Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, and 3G

If you rarely use Bluetooth, wifi or 3G, you should just turn it off. I often use the "Airplane Mode" if needed to disable all these at once.

(5) Reduce Brightness to < 1 Quarter

The brightness of the screen consumes a lot of power. Unless you're really under a sun light and in most of the cases, you can reduce your iPad or iPhone brightness level less than 1 quarter. You can also turning on the "Auto  Brightness" as well.

(6) Turn Off Equalizer Setting

Another useless feature, please turn it off. :) You can set it here in case you do not know: "Setting->iPod->EQ"

(7) Charge Your iPad/iPhone Regularly

iPad or iPhone uses lithium based battery where you need to charge it regularly to keep the electrons inside the battery moving. At least you "MUST" discharge and charge at least once per month. .Please discharge it to less than 20% and then charge it to full (i.e. 100%).

Hope this battery maintenance tips are useful for you and I think this should be the complete one. Please feel free to share with me if you have any other signficant tips to increase the battery lifespan.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Faster GPS Detection Trick Using Garmin Mobile XT

If you have difficulty to get your GPS lock for your Garmin Mobile XT device, then this post is for you. The GPS "very" slow detection problem happens usually when you travel from one country to another. For example - my last visit to Ireland from Malaysia, when I first turned on my Garmin Mobile XT just after my landing at Ireland, it took me more than 30 minutes to lock. What the heck?

The good news if I found a way or workaround to make the GPS lock to be faster. Here you go the trick you can do before you land at your destination:

(1) Click on the “Satellite Status”

(2) Click “Disable” to disable the GPS and click “GPS Info”

(3) After that, click “New Location”

(4) You will see the map. Browse and move this map to your destination.For example, if your destination is at Ireland airport. Move the map as close as it and then click “OK”.

(5) Turn your Garmin Mobile XT off. You’re now all set.

When you turn it on later at your destination, the GPS detection should be a lot more faster (e.g. less than a few minutes). This is how I work around for getting the GPS faster detection. I”m not sure if other Garmin devices have such problem but this definitely works for Garmin Mobile XT (i.e. mobile version of Garmin). If your Garmin devices have such "very" slow GPS detection problem, you can give this method a try. Good luck!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best Free FLV to MP3 Conversion Tool

I was looking for FLV to MP3 conversion tool and what my friend recommended to me doesn't seem working. So I decided to search for my own and I found this piece of software from

You can just look for "Freez Flv to Mp3 Converter" to download the FLV to MP3 converter!  In case you do not know, the FLV is the video format (i.e. flash video).

I love this software simply because of 2 things.

  • Very user friendly. You just need to install it and run it. The software is self-explanatory! Just check out the GUI below by yourself!
  • It is a very small program! Well, this is exactly what I need which is a software to convert FLV to MP3. Please do not give me the extra stuff that I don't need. :)

Well, the sound quality is good too,. I tried to convert the MP4 to MP3 and it worked too! Now I can listen to MP3 directly and no longer need to open FLV! Yeah, hope you will find this free software useful too!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

TinyChat - A Web Based Video Chat Room

If you're lonely and feel like want to video chat with someone, you can try this out TinyChat software. The good thing about this TinyChat is you do not need to install any software into your PC. It is all web based application. I love web based application!

Unlike IMVU, you're dealing with all the real person not "Avatar". :) I tried this software last night when someone shared that in Facebook. So this is what you can do to kick start the fun:

(1) Go into this website, You will see this page:


(2) What I like is, it shows the current real time snapshot of the person in each chat room. You can do the following:
  • Click on "An Instant Chat Room". This will create a room for you and you will be the moderator. For beginner, you do probably don't want to try that now.
  • Click on any faces that you like and it will bring you to them. :) You will then can chat with him/her. :) This seems more fun!

(3) It prompts you to enter your user name as follow. If you would like to be anoymous, I will suggest you just to put a nick name and click "Go". Otherwise, you can login using your Facebook or Twitter account.

(4) When you're in the video chat room, you can see bunch of broadcasting video streaming. These are the things that you can do:
  • "Hide video" for those person that you don't enjoy to see. :D This is especially useful if you find the video streaming is lagging badly.
  • Click "Start Broadcasting". You can choose either to broadcast your voice or your camera + your voice. When you do that, everyone sees your face and hear your voice!
  • Chat in the public or chat using private message to person that you would like to talk to. However, people usually ignore the private message.

At first, I thought those person are not real or probably is a video chat bot. So I asked them to raise their hands and do some actions for example to confirm they're real. Yes, in fact they're all real. So there is no cheating here.

People there somehow doesn't talk much but they like to video broadcast themselves and chat using the keyboard. Perhaps they're shy? Anyway, hope you enjoy this! Have fun!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Unable to Remove or Delete Folder due to Outlook Synchronization?

Sometimes Microsoft Outlook just can’t able to give a better user friendly message. This clear offline items issue is a good example. :)

Yesterday when I was trying to organize my folders in my Inbox, I moved one of my Inbox folder to my PST folder but I got the following error message:

 “Outlook has not finished synchronizing local changes made to items in this folder. You can not remove this folder until the synchronization with the server is complete.”
FYI: In case you do not know,  PST folder is the personal outlook file that stored in your hard disk rather than your email server. The file extension is *.pst.  Your folders or all your emails in your Inbox are stored in the email server not in your hard disk.

So, what will you do after you see this message? Yes, you will wait until the synchronizing is done then you only proceed to move your folders. Unfortunately after 2 days, the error message remains the same. What a crap?

Workaround Solutions

Well luckily I found a solution. I don’t know there will be any data lost due to synchronization. But hey, what did you do with the synchronization until 2 days also haven’t finished? Let’s check it out my solution.

Basically the workaround is very simple. You just need to disable “Cached Exchange Mode”. After that you can move or do whatever your want with your inbox folder. You can enable back the “Cached Exchange Mode” after that if you wish.

(1) Go to Menu Tools –> Account Settings…
(2) Double click on your email account.

(3) You will see this (Microsoft Exchange Settings):

(4) Just uncheck the “Use Cached Exchange Mode”. You're now done!
(5) Do whatever you want (e.g. delete or move) your MS inbox folder.
(6) Repeat step (1) –> (3) and check it back the “Use Cached Exchange Mode”

Note: Cached exchange mode basically allows you to view your outlook content during offline. This is extremely useful if your connection to your Microsoft Exchange email is very bad. This is usually for a laptop or mobile users where most of the time you want to view your outlook content offline. If you’re a desktop user and the connection is always good, you may consider not to use this cached exchange mode feature at all.

P/S: Also, I don't see any data lost after moving the folder. So I guess it should be safe? Hope this helps!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Find Source of Original Photo or Image - TinEye Review

I came across this TinEye website which helps you to search a similar image or photo in all over the internet. This is something useful especially if you wonder where the origin of the photo or image comes from. Let’s check it out!

It is very user friendly. You can either upload your image or enter the image address. After that, , it lists out all the URL website that have a similar image.  Then, you can click on those URL links.

What you can use TinEye for?
  • Copyright Protection - You can know who copy your image. You can then take actions to inform the website owner to take it down for example.
  • Image or Photo information – For example, you want to know who are those pretty girls in the photo. Probably using this TinEye will able to get you the answer. :)
  • Image Tracking – Some images (e.g. buttons and banners) are meant to be shared and passed around especially for marketing campaign. You can then use TinEye to track how many sites display those images.
The only drawback with this TinEye which is also sad to say that is, you still do NOT able to find the origin of the photo or image. You still need to look all the URL links by manual and figure out by yourself (e.g. when the image was posted). Anyway, this is still better than nothing right? Probably Google can tell you the answer if Google has created such tool!

P/S: Well, if you have other better software or website that does a better job than TinEye, please let me know. I”m interested to know.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Using Notepad++ to Do File Comparison

In my previous post, I blog about the “Best File Comparison Software” that there isn’t really any freeware out there can compete with the Araxis Merge software. I’m surprise this is still true until today…

I introduced ExamDiff and TKDiff in my previous post but what is really missing for these 2 tools is the programming language editor (e.g. C++, Java and etc.) You can compare but you can’t highlight those programming syntax and edit those files. This is because both tools are just mainly designed for file comparison tools and not designed for you to edit the files.

The good news is Notepad++ can do both! With Notepad++, you can edit almost all programing and scripting languages and most importantly you can perform file comparison as well without open another tools or software!

To download this Notepad++ freeware, please go to

The file comparison feature is not enabled by default. It is the plug-in that you need to install. To install, you need to go to the “Plugins –> Plugin Manager –> Show Plugin Manager” from the file menu. Check the “Compare’ and click “Install” as you can see in the following:

Once it is installed, you will need to restart the Notepad++...

 Steps to Compare
  1. Open files that you would like to compare.
  2. Go to "Plugins -> Compare -> Compare". 

Good: What is interesting here is you can compare more than 2 files at once! This is really cool but may not be practical as I seldom compare files more than two. Perhaps this could be something useful to you?

Not So Good: The other thing that I encounter is when you compare a large file, the performance is pretty slow. It takes quite some to load the comparison result and it shows “Not Responding” rather than the “hourglass”. Something to improve on…

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alternative to Google Toolbar PageRank – WebRank

For some reasons, the Google Toolbar is no longer can be used for the latest Firefox version 5 and above. So you may consider NOT to update your Firefox if you really like Google Toolbar like me. Dear Firefox, I hope I don’t need to make you the top 1 reason that I don’t want to use you like Google Chrome.

2 key features I love Google toolbar are “PageRank” and “Bookmark” as mentioned in my previous post.  For bookmark, I think the easiest way  is to access “” directly and I think it is still okay without the toolbar. Unlike for Google Page Rank checker website, it is very inconvenient. First, you need to copy and paste the URL to the website. Second, you need to key-in the words verification. Third, you need to click and wait. I really feel this is very not efficient at all!

So I found this awesome “WebRank” toolbar as an alternative to the pagerank feature in Google toolbar.  To install this in Firefox or Goole Chrome, please check out the following download links:

When I tried on the Chrome extension for this WebRank toolbar, it seems like the Google Page Rank cannot be shown for some of the web pages (e.g. my blogs). It seems to me there are still bugs with Google Chrome extension.  So, my recommendation is use the Firefox Add-Ons first.

List of Useful WebRank Features

This fella has a lot of SEO related features such as Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank and Pages Indexed in search engine, number of backlinks, bookmarks, whois lookup and not forget the toolbar customization. Out of all these features, only 2 features that I think are useful
  • Google PageRank
  • Whois Lookup
Honestly, the Google PageRank is the only feature that I use most often.  I disable  those seldom use features so that the browser loading speed can be faster. In fact, I configure the WebRank to show “Statusbar” button instead of “Toolbar” which I think it is neat since I only enable 2 features. The status bar button is located at the lower right of your Firefox browser. I feel pretty convenient for this "Statusbar" button. :)

Good luck and have fun playing with this WebRank toolbar!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Free Watermark Software from TSR

 I know I may be too bias because I just tried 2 watermark software that recommended by my friend. Obviously TSR is the winning! But still this is the BEST free watermark software that I have tried. lol

Well, 2 key things I like about this Watermark freeware from TSR:

  1. I can watermark many photos or pictures at once automatically. I used to manually open each single picture or photo to perform the watermarking by myself using MS Paint. Stupid isn’t it?
  2. I can customize the watermark such as transparency percentage & color of the watermark, watermark location, and customized watermark image.

The default setting is not really useful. So, after you make the changes to the software you will need to save the setup file (i.e. WMI) or else all your settings will be lost! You just need to go “File->Save Setup As”. You can save as many as setting as you wish and you can later open it.

I also don’t like to resize the image so I uncheck it. I like to use 70% transparency and location at the lower right. I also uncheck the “Add Border” which is enabled by default.  I also use text as I don’t have the watermark image yet. Anyway check out the before and after image below!

Original Picture

After Watermark


Is it cool? Or the lizard is cooler? lol. Opps… I just realized I forgot to at the link. Here you go, you can download this free watermark software from TSR Watermarker.

This piece of awesome software is developed by Anders Pedersen and it is only FREE for PERSONAL USE. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Remove Pending Friend Requests in Facebook

In Facebook, it used to allow you to look at who are your pending friend requests and you can remove those pending friend requests respectively. However, don’t know since when this feature has no longer available. If you go the friends section, you no longer can see who are still in pending friend requests. It is still okay if you still remember who you have requested to be your friend. You can still go to our friend's profile page and cancel the friend request. But what if you have forgotten who you have requested to be your friend?

Thanks to this “Pending Friend Requests” application in Facebook.  You can just go there and install this application in your Facebook. This application allows you to look at who are you pending friend request. There are 2 main tabs in this application:

(1) My Pending Requests 

Click on the “Remove Request”, it goes to the friends profile page. Of course if you can also “Send Reminder” if you still want to add him or her.

(2) Remove Requests

In your friends' profile page, you can click on the “Cancel Friend Request” to cancel your friend request.

[Update: August 18 2012]: The automation of finding your friend pending request is no longer available due to the Facebook has completely removed the "friends request send" API. However this Facebook application - "Pending Friend Requests" still allow you to manually key in the friend's URL here for tracking. 

Hope this is useful! Good luck and I hope you don’t get too many “Pending Friend Requests! You don't want to have too many pending friend requests as Facebook may think that you simply request even you do NOT know the person in real and possibly to get your account banned. Happy facebooking! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bypass Malaysian Banned File Sharing Websites

This post is meant of educational purpose.

If you stay in Malaysia, you may realise that you won’t able to access those file sharing websites anymore.  The most famous one will be “Thepiratedbay Dot Org”.  Apparently all internet service providers (ISPs) in Malaysia have been ordered to block all these file-sharing websites.

Technically speaking, file sharing has nothing wrong and it should be something legal. What it makes it illegal is the copyright content of the file. So banning this website, you are basically ban everything which includes the legal content as well. Is that fair? It seems to me it doesn’t address the root cause…

How to bypass?

Well, interestingly those banned website can be easily bypass at least for this point in time. First you can perform the DNS lookup through For example, you can key-in “” and you will get an IP address “”

What you need to do is to enter this IP address “” into your web browser URL and click enter. Now you should able to access the website. Guess what? Yes, the ISPs (e.g. Streamyx) blocks the website through their DNS server. That’s why you can’t enter “URL name” directly but using the “IP Address” instead. So another workaround probably you can guess now is to change the DNS server!

How to Change DNS Server?

Well, you can refer to my old article on changing the DNS server here.  At the same time you will also able to speed up your web browser by changing the DNS server.  You have 2 options here. First option is use the Google Public DNS server and the second option is use the OpenDNS server. Since Google public DNS server runs faster, I would prefer to use Google one.

Google Public DNS Server
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:
OpenDNS Server
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

Hope this helps! Please use this for the right purpose and I strongly discourage you to download illegal copyright content. :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Copy Saved Photos or Images to Your PC from Ipad

If you own Ipad and perhaps Iphone too, I bet you definitely save photos or pictures that you like while your browsing the web. The bad thing is the iTunes won’t synch up these “saved” photos by default. What you need to do is manually copy over to your PC.

The fastest way you can do here to manually copy the images from “saved photos” folder over are:

  1. Connect your Ipad to your PC through USB
  2. You will see AutoPlay windows. Click on “Open device to view files”
  3. Browse to “\Internal Storage\DCIM\800AAAAA” and all your saved images from Ipad should be there.
  4. Just copy or cut and paste to your local drive.
Thanks to Windows 7 and Windows Vista! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Upgrade Jailbreak IOS version?

When you first jailbreak you iPhone, iPad or iPod, the next thing that you want to worry is how to you upgrade to the latest IOS version. For example, how can you upgrade IOS version to 4.3.2 since your previous jailbreak IOS version is 4.2.1?

Before You Upgrade

You need to do research before you upgrade your jailbreak IOS. You may not need to upgrade at all or else you will only upgrade for troubles!

  1. Check for the latest IOS version. When you turn on your iTunes and click on the update, it tells you what is the latest IOS version release. (e.g. 4.3.2.). Don’t update your IOS firmware yet through iTunes
  2. Go to iClarified and check for whether the “untethered jailbreak” IOS version is available for the latest IOS version that you plan to upgrade. If the website doesn’t have a warning stating the the current jailbreak version is the tethered jailbreak, then it is the untethered jailbreak version.
  3. If “untethered jailbreak” is available for your IOS version that you plan to upgrade, you can now upgrade your IOS version. If no, just stick back to your original jailbreak IOS version and wait for the “untethered jailbreak" IOS version release.
Note: If you don’t know what is tethered vs untethered jailbreak, read my previous post: Should I Jailbreak?

How to Upgrade?

Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade your jailbreak IOS version directly. You need to upgrade to the original IOS firmware and perform the jailbreak process again. Here I list down the steps to upgrade your Jailbreak IOS version.
  1. Connect your iPad, iPod or iPhone to your PC.
  2. Turn on your “itunes” if it is not automatically run. Click on “Check for Update”. Follow on-screen instructions to upgrade your IOS version to the latest release.
  3. Perform jailbreak on the latest IOS version that you have – See my previous post for instructions how to jailbreak: Should I Jailbreak?
Note: If there is problem with step (2), try to click the “Restore” and follow the on-screen instructions to update to the latest IOS version. If it still doesn’t work out (e.g. the iTunes gives you an error “Fail to Update the Firmware”), what you need to do is to re-jailbreak your iDevices again with your original IOS version. After that, perform step (1) and step (2). It works for me.


In short, just upgrade only when the untethered jailbreak version is available or else just wait for it. To upgrade, you must upgrade to the original firmware and perform the jailbreak again. Good luck!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Should I Jailbreak my iPad, iPhone or iPod?

I just bought iPad few weeks ago and the first question that comes to my mind is, should I jailbreak my iPad? So, should I? Yes, I should and let me tell you why… 

Reasons why you should jailbreak?
(1) It is now legal. 

 First of all, it is LEGAL to do that (under Digital Millennium Copyright Act - DMCA of 2010).

(2) Access to more applications.

You can download or purchase third-party applications or games that are not approved by Apple. After you jailbreak your iPad, iPhone or iPod, there is an application called “Cydia” which consists of list of third-party applications.  So jailbreaking your iDevices not only limit yourself to applications that approved by Apple.

(3) It is reversible.

Anything that goes wrong with your jailbreak, you still can reverse back to the original firmware. This also means Apple claims it to void your warranty is no longer a concern. To do that, you just need to “Press Restore” in your itunes. There is an option to backup your data before you restore but what I wouldn’t want to do that as I”m not sure whether what would happen to your non-approved applications after you restored them back to the original firmware. Just make a clean restore will do…

Reasons why you should NOT jailbreak – Really?

(1) Download paid applications for FREE 

A website such as “AppTrackR dot ORG”and “iPhoneCake dot COM” are pretty famous for you to download cracked applications or games. However, you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPad, Iphone or iPod just because you can download those paid applications for free. That is in fact ILLEGAL in my opinion. So, don’t do that! :) Of course this is subject to argument as some said this is in fact legal – something similar to “thepiratedbay dot org”? Well, make your own judgement! I would recommend you NOT to do that.

(2) Voiding Warranty

I’m not sure if this is still valid as you can now reverse back to original firmware. Honestly, I don’t think you need to reverse back because I’ve never heard people complaining any issues (due to hardware failure) after they jailbreak their iDevices. So this is what I will recommend you to do before jailbreak your iDevices:

  • Make sure all the hardware functionality are working (e.g. microphone, speaker, wifi, audio jack in (headphone, earphone) and etc.).
  • Try to play around with your original iPad for a week before you jailbreak, then it should be safe enough that you shouldn’t encounter any hardware failure.

(3) Untethered jailbreak has not been released

I mention this is because this was one of the reasons I worried before I jailbreak my iPad.  In case you do not aware, there are 2 type of jailbreaks – tethered and untethered jailbreaks. Tethered jailbreak is usually released first which means you need to boot in iPad, iPhone or iPod from your Windows or Mac. Well, this seems troublesome but you shouldn’t worry at all because you shouldn’t reboot your iPad very often. What you really want to do is to close those unused applications:
  • Double touch your “Home” button and it shows you a list of applications run at background.
  • Touch and hold the application until you see the negative sign (i,e. “-“) on the upper left of the application icon.
  • Touch the “-“ sign to close those applications. Go back to home screen by touching the “home” button again.
[Update: 27 April 2011] Okay, I experienced the hang issue during my travel 2 weeks ago and caused me unable to reboot my iPad due to the tethered jailbreak. So, this my real life bad experience of using tethered jailbreak. One reason for you not to go for tethered jailbreak...

[Update: 27 April 2011] However, the hang issue still can be avoided. The reason why it hanged is because I always turn the iPad to the "Standby" mode (i.e the power ON button) when I'm in the middle of something (e.g. playing the games halfway). To reduce the chances of hang (i.e. almost 100%, I don't experience the hang issue anymore), pause the game, quit & save the game or go to the main menu of the game, and lastly click the the "Home" button before you standby your iDevices. Hope this helps! :)

(4) Security Issues

You worry about your iPad security issue because those applications that you install no longer are certified by Apple. But, let me ask you this – have you every installed applications that are not from Microsoft when you use windows OS? If yes, then you shouldn't worry much about security issues in iOS (Apple) then.

Jailbreaking is just enable enable your iDevices to support third-party applications and not only limited to applications that are certified by Apple. This is exactly same with installing your Microsoft Windows OS in your laptop by default which allow you to install any kind of applications. So you shoudln’t worry much about this.

If you really concern on security, please pay attention to the applications that you download and make sure it is from the reliable source just like the way you do in Windows. For me, I’ve never trusted Safari web browser, so I will never use sensitive information (e.g. email account, credit card, bank account) with my iPad.

Conclusion - Jailbreak or Not?

So, what is your decision? Jailbreak or NOT? No, if you intend to download illegal crack applications or games. Otherwise, I think you should. Agree? FYI - iClarified is the best reliable source to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone or iPad. This is what you need to do:
  • Select the device that you would like to jailbreak
  • Select the software that you would like to use to jaibreak (e.g. GreenPoisnOn or RedSnOw). Personally I have only tried using RedSnOw and so far it is perfect. So I will suggest you to use that as well.
  • Make sure you follow the exact instructions after you have selected to software to jailbreak. The instructions listed in iClarified are very clear and useful.
Happy Jailbreaking!

[Update: 1 May 2011] If you want to know how to upgrade your already jailbroken devices, see my latest post: How to Upgrade Jailbreak?

Didn't find what you want? Use Google Search Engine below: